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Thank you for choosing Highlands Dental Care. We are excited to make you a part of our dental family! We welcome you to our very relaxed and friendly environment. We are here to help you understand your dental needs, will be happy to answer any of your queries and ease out all your apprehensions.

   First visit

Evaluation: We will assess your medical and dental health. This will help us in making the best treatment plan for your needs.

Digital X-Rays: Very crucial for the diagnosis of the dental decay, cysts, tumors or other problems which are not detected by clinical exam. We take pride in offering digital X-rays for our patients which have one-sixth the radiation exposure as compared to the traditional film X-rays. Also, it's one of our many steps towards keeping a clean and green environment by not creating toxic waste from the developers of the traditional X-rays. Digital X-rays help us in seeing the images instantly and also can be easily transferred to your insurance companies or other Specialists if need be.

Intra-oral Pictures: "A picture is worth a thousand words" With intra oral camera you would be able to see the pictures of your mouth which removes all guess work and helps you comprehend the need of recommended dental treatment.

Comprehensive Dental Exam:Your dental exam will include:

   Analysis of x-rays and intraoral pictures
   Gum disease evaluation
   Oral cancer screening
   Examination of teeth for decay or damage
   Evaluation of existing fillings and crowns etc

You will meet Dr.Tripty Sharma who with her expertise would assess, evaluate, diagnose and propose a treatment plan for you. Dr. Sharma totally understands your dental fears and appreciates your first step towards getting dental treatment. We all will work together as a team and will not only focus on your specific concerns but will also guide you in providing the best care for you. Welcome again to a journey of your lifelong beautiful smile!


Your cleaning or the dental prophylaxis appointment will include:

   Removal of plaque: This is a sticky almost invisible film on the teeth which is composed of bacteria, food particles and saliva. The cleaning will remove this layer above and under the gums.
   Removal of Calculus/ Tartar: This is the long standing plaque on the tooth surface which hardens up and can be only removed by professional dental cleaning procedures.
   Polishing: The removal of calculus and plaque is followed by polishing which removes the stains on the teeth and any remaining plaque.

Regular cleanings help to keep your gums and teeth healthy and pearly white. They also help in detecting any areas of sensitivity and decay. Regular cleaning are recommended every 4-6 months depending on your home care


We offer Composite fillings to our patients. These are tooth-colored durable plastics/ resins used to restore the decayed teeth. Dr. Sharma will match the fillings to your natural tooth color so that they beautifully blend in, become unnoticeable and create a very natural look for you! The other big advantage with these fillings is that your tooth can be filled with minimal drilling and sometimes no anesthesia!

We also offer Dental Amalgam as another filling option. We understand that people often wonder about their mercury content. However, the American Dental Association, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U. S. FDA and World Health Organization all confirm that based on extensive scientific studies, dental amalgam is an effective and safe cavity-filling material. As this material poses no health risk we offer it for the teeth with extensive decay beneath the gums where the composite fillings would not be effective.

Please discuss with our doctor what would be best long term filling option for you.

Process: We generally recommend doing fillings on one arch of the mouth at one time so that you do not have to get repeated anesthesia for the same side. However, at Highlands Dental Care, your comfort is our priority and we will work at your pace and schedule your appointments accordingly.


We at Highlands Dental Care strongly believe in preserving natural dentition. Commonly called as caps, crowns cover the entire tooth, hence protect and strengthen the remaining tooth structure. We offer highly cosmetic Full Porcelain Crowns, Traditional Porcelain fused with Metal Crowns and Metal Crowns (for specific reasons).

A tooth might need a crown if the tooth:

   has extensive decay and cannot be restored with a filling
   has/ needs Root Canal Treatment
   is fractured/ broken
   has old big leaky fillings
   is Discolored
   There are gaps between teeth, to get more esthetic smile.

Process: Fabricating crowns is a minimum of two appointments procedure. In the first appointment the tooth is prepared for the crown placement, impressions are taken and a temporary is placed. In the second appointment the crown is tried and placed.

   Replacing Missing Teeth

A loss of tooth usually leads to imbalance in the mouth. Adjacent Teeth start drifting into unnatural positions which can change your smiles and eating patterns. It can also cause gum problems and sometimes also loss of more teeth. It is prudent to promptly replace the missing tooth.

We can help you achieve this by:

   Bridges: This is a fixed option to replace the missing tooth. The adjacent teeth are used as supporting pillars to hold the bridge and the replace the missing tooth with a natural looking porcelain tooth. This restores the balance in the mouth and helps in maintaining a healthy dentition.
   Removable Partial Dentures: If there are more than few teeth missing in the mouth, this is one of the options to restore them. It also can serve as an interim solution to getting implants in future.
   Implants: This is one of the most efficient ways of restoring your missing tooth without disturbing any other teeth in the mouth. The implants are made of titanium and replace the root part of the tooth. We would recommend you to an Oral Surgeon for the implant placement into the jaw bone and then at our dental office we would restore it with a crown to replace the missing tooth.

   Complete Dentures

There could be numerous reasons for losing all your teeth but it sure can be a life altering experience. We totally understand your difficulties of getting a good diet and experiencing social inhibitions. We would work with you to provide best possible Removable Complete Dentures to match as close as conceivable to your natural dentition and to give you a whole new reason to smile!

Process: This requires multiple office visits including the evaluations, impressions, trials, to form dentures which would best suit your needs.

   Nitrus Oxide/Laughing Gas

We understand that dental fear is one of the most common apprehensions adults and Children have. The relaxed environment at our office with facilities of a nice warm blanket and choice of your TV program will ease out your anxieties. In addition to this, we also offer you an option of Nitrous Oxide sedation. This is a safe and effective sedative agent which is mixed with Oxygen and inhaled through a small mask that fits on your nose. This is not intended to put you sleep, you would be able to hear and respond to any directions the dentist may have. The effects of nitrous oxide wear off soon after you remove the mask. It will help you relax during the procedure. This is also a very effective way of relaxing kids during the dental appointments. Please discuss with Dr. Sharma if you have any questions in this regard and to see if this is a good option for you.

   Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatment is necessary when the pulp of the tooth gets infected and inflamed. The pulp of the tooth is the core of the tooth which carries the blood and nerve supply to the tooth.

It can get damaged or diseased due to:

   Deep decay
   Injury to the tooth/ crack/fracture of the tooth
   3. Repeated dental procedures

We at Highlands Dental Care, strongly believe in preserving natural teeth. Sometimes teeth with infected pulp show up with lot of swelling, pain and mobility. These teeth can be usually saved by doing Root Canal Treatment and generally reinforcing the tooth structure by doing a crown on the tooth.

Proess: This is one or two visit procedure depending on the severity of the infection. The infected pulp is removed; tooth is cleaned, disinfected and filled with Root canal filling material. Dr. Sharma will make sure that you are completely anesthetized for the treatment, by using newer technologies she makes this process faster and more comfortable for you.

   Children Dentistry/Sealants

Our office is a warm and friendly place and we strive to make a good experience for our youngest guests. We encourage you to read books about going to dentists with your kids and sharing positive experiences with them. On their first visit we will give them an office tour, do some fun activities along with doing a check- up and cleaning. All kids are different and we will pace our work with them as per their individual personalities. We have some chairside entertainment available which makes the visit more enjoyable for them.

We offer following treatments for the kids:

   Regular dental check ups
   Extraction of baby teeth
   Baby teeth pulpotomies
   Intercept any habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting
   Early detection of crowding/need of braces

Preventive care:

Fluoride: We offer fluoride treatment for the kids and adults to prevent cavities.

Sealants: The first permanent molars erupt in children around 6- 7 years. These have deep grooves in which food can get stuck and cause cavities. Sealants are thin resin coatings on the tooth to seal these pits and groves and hence help in preventing cavities.


We offer Individual Patient Orthodontics for our patients. We utilize one of the most advanced computerized system to provide most effective and detailed diagnosis and treatment plan. Unlike traditional straight wire appliance our Braces system is customized as per patient resulting in more effective, faster and stable treatment.

We will be happy to answer any of your queries in this regard. Please call our office at 630-426-6996 or ask Dr. Sharma about any of your concerns.


We offer In-office and take home whitening trays. Please call our office at 630-426-6996 or ask for more details in this regard.

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